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  • Ride Receipts PRO works with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook email or any email providers with IMAP settings (i.e Yahoo, iCloud, Fastmail), etc. The desktop app does not download receipts from the Uber/Lyft dashboard.
  • We do not support the driver's side of Uber/Lyft.
  • Download Uber and Lyft receipts from a specific date range.
  • Go as far back as you need! Downloading is no longer limited to this year and last year.
  • Uber receipts will be organized by a business profile or personal.
  • High-grade SHA-2 encryption SSL.
  • You get a detailed Excel Expense Report of all your trips, ready for your bookkeeper, accountant or employer.
  • New features will be added on an ongoing basis. 

Web Extensions

  • Includes Chrome web extension for downloading invoices and email receipts from Uber's dashboard.
  • Generates CSV file when using web extension and downloading receipts via Uber's dashboard

App Integration

  • Supports importing expense entries to Expensify

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Ride Receipts PRO

15 ratings